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Great strides being made by East Asian nations in the field of education can be largely put down to improvements in teacher training, a new report from the OECD states. While the level of European teenagers’ ability in maths, science and reading has continued to stagnate, Singapore and Hong Kong have shot ahead according to […]

Studying abroad is slowly becoming the rule rather than the exception – international students increased by 1.3 million between 2002 and 2009 and the growth shows no sign of stopping. It’s no secret that students from Asia, especially China, now make up an enormous proportion of international students studying in Europe and North America. But […]

Some of China’s top universities have scrapped English as a compulsory subject so students can focus instead on their major subject. This begs the question, are emerging economies now realising their status and retreating away from the West? Enrollment officer, Yu Han at Tsinghua University, Beijing, said that English was made non compulsory to reduce […]

Usually we think about the rise of the developing world in terms of economics, but it’s equally true for education. According to an article by Ian Mundell on, the EU is working hard to encourage European students to study in China. The goal is partly to address a lopsided exchange ratio that sees 1 […]

Demand for international education in the last decade has been driven by strong growth in the numbers of Indian and Chinese students seeking to study abroad, with most being absorbed by schools in the UK and Australia. According to Dr. Rahul Choudaha of, this is partly the result of tightening US immigration restrictions post […]

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