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Fixing pupils to their desks is not the way forward when it comes to teaching, according to renowned foreign schools. Schools in Asia push pupils through school successfully by emphasising the importance of homework and by adopting a “meritocratic” approach. This is according to teachers, who rejected the idea that long hours in the classroom […]

Some of China’s top universities have scrapped English as a compulsory subject so students can focus instead on their major subject. This begs the question, are emerging economies now realising their status and retreating away from the West? Enrollment officer, Yu Han at Tsinghua University, Beijing, said that English was made non compulsory to reduce […]

The continued influx of international students from China and Saudi Arabia is allowing higher education institutions in the US to maintain their dominance of the market. Renewed interest from Indian students, and emerging new markets such as Brazil, are boosting the attraction of the US for international students. According to a new report out this […]

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