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This month the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) published Global demand for English higher education; a report analysing international student statistics in 2014. Looking specifically at English universities, the findings reveal the number of international students enrolled has decreased for the first time in nearly three decades. The 25% fall in the number […]

Great strides being made by East Asian nations in the field of education can be largely put down to improvements in teacher training, a new report from the OECD states. While the level of European teenagers’ ability in maths, science and reading has continued to stagnate, Singapore and Hong Kong have shot ahead according to […]

Studying abroad is slowly becoming the rule rather than the exception – international students increased by 1.3 million between 2002 and 2009 and the growth shows no sign of stopping. It’s no secret that students from Asia, especially China, now make up an enormous proportion of international students studying in Europe and North America. But […]

Some of China’s top universities have scrapped English as a compulsory subject so students can focus instead on their major subject. This begs the question, are emerging economies now realising their status and retreating away from the West? Enrollment officer, Yu Han at Tsinghua University, Beijing, said that English was made non compulsory to reduce […]

Truett Cates from Austin College, Texas noticed the brochures provided by different institutions for studying abroad had almost all women pictured in them. When he questioned the universities on why that was the case, they answered it was a marketing decision; that’s who their customers are. Regardless of the university, the field of study or […]

One third of young British people think they would have a better job if they had spent time living or studying abroad. The poll, conducted by Populus for the British Council found 79% of British adults had never lived or studied abroad for 6 months or more. Of those people, 34% believe they would have a […]

As markets, multinational companies and economies continue to grow, the competition for skilled employees increases in tandem. But why are British candidates being overlooked, and how are companies suffering? The answer is simple: The global employability of British candidates is lower than students and school leavers from other countries. This is a globalised world that […]

In times of global mobility and an increasing skills shortage, many European countries have intensified their aims to attract workers from abroad. Foreign students who are already familiar with the country’s language and work culture seem to be a reasonable target. Despite many wishing to stay and work after graduating, international students are often faced […]

According to studies, Erasmus students may be widening their career prospects by studying abroad. In a study co-authored by leading economist Matthias Parey, research shows that graduates that have studied abroad are roughly 15% more likely to work abroad following their graduation. In the current financial climate, any so called ‘edge’ in the job market […]

An Institute of International Education study shows that European institutions are offering more English-taught master’s degrees to meet local and international student demand. The study analyzed, a website where 960 EU universities post over 18,000 of their own master’s degree programs. As of March 2012, a total of 5,444 master’s programs are being offered […]

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