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While students from around the world tend to study abroad for at least one semester, many American expats still refuse to complete higher education abroad. A huge number of universities now offer online courses, giving students the freedom to study wherever they want. This allows them to live internationally without compromising the American education that […]

For over twenty years the Erasmus Programme has acted as the European Union’s flagship student exchange programme. It’s easy to understand it’s popularity – students have 32 countries to choose from, can learn a new language and culture, gain new freedom and even receive a grant to do it. But research shows that there is one […]

Fixing pupils to their desks is not the way forward when it comes to teaching, according to renowned foreign schools. Schools in Asia push pupils through school successfully by emphasising the importance of homework and by adopting a “meritocratic” approach. This is according to teachers, who rejected the idea that long hours in the classroom […]

More students are studying abroad today than ever before, but do employers see the same value in international academic experiences as students do? In the past, employers viewed study abroad more as a free-for-all type of party and not an academic learning experience. A year in Italy, for example, would be associated with drinking wine […]

Have you ever considered studying abroad, but couldn’t recognize the added value of it? If you take some time to ask people who have done it, they will certainly tell you that it is a very rewarding experience. Here are eight reasons that will make you consider this challenge: 1. Studying abroad will allow you to […]

The number of students choosing to study an international degree has dramatically increased. Industry experts expect this trend to continue. Academic heads at some of the world’s leading universities see a growing demand for internationally accredited degrees. Due to ongoing financial hardship in many countries and the greater need for global communication skills, they expect […] is your one-stop source for up-to-date information on international education. Here you’ll find all the latest on international degrees MBA / business programs online learning opportunities scholarships and financial aid education trends

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