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Distance learning is not a new concept, with the first course being sent by mail in Boston, USA in 1728. Online learning however, is a relatively new concept with the first full online curriculum introduced by CalCampus in 1994. In 2014, 98 per cent of all public colleges were offering online courses. Today, 90 per […]

While students from around the world tend to study abroad for at least one semester, many American expats still refuse to complete higher education abroad. A huge number of universities now offer online courses, giving students the freedom to study wherever they want. This allows them to live internationally without compromising the American education that […]

The rising prices of higher education are making many prospective students question whether it will offer them a worthwhile return on their investment. Ever increasing fees generally aren’t reflected in a rising standard in the quality of education. Instead they’re more to do with ballooning bureaucracy and the administration costs needed to serve the constantly […]

Many business programs suffer from a lack of international recognition, says Dr. Stuart Dixon, Program Director at Euro*MBA (which The Economist ranked as the world’s #3 online business school in 2010). Top national programs therefore fail to appear on expats’ radars. Dixon talks to Expat Marketing about how business schools can use online learning to […]

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