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One third of young British people think they would have a better job if they had spent time living or studying abroad. The poll, conducted by Populus for the British Council found 79% of British adults had never lived or studied abroad for 6 months or more. Of those people, 34% believe they would have a […]

International students have long been attracted to education heavyweights like the United States, the UK and Australia.  Between 2002 and 2009 Canada saw a large increase in international student enrollment, according to a study by World Education Services. Enrollments increased by 67 percent, from 52,650 in 2002 to 87,798 in 2009. Attracting international students is […]

The continued influx of international students from China and Saudi Arabia is allowing higher education institutions in the US to maintain their dominance of the market. Renewed interest from Indian students, and emerging new markets such as Brazil, are boosting the attraction of the US for international students. According to a new report out this […]

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