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The continued influx of international students from China and Saudi Arabia is allowing higher education institutions in the US to maintain their dominance of the market. Renewed interest from Indian students, and emerging new markets such as Brazil, are boosting the attraction of the US for international students. According to a new report out this […]

Usually we think about the rise of the developing world in terms of economics, but it’s equally true for education. According to an article by Ian Mundell on, the EU is working hard to encourage European students to study in China. The goal is partly to address a lopsided exchange ratio that sees 1 […]

Demand for international education in the last decade has been driven by strong growth in the numbers of Indian and Chinese students seeking to study abroad, with most being absorbed by schools in the UK and Australia. According to Dr. Rahul Choudaha of, this is partly the result of tightening US immigration restrictions post […]

A Pew survey found women see more value in their college educations than men. 50% of women rated their college educations as either “Good” or “Excellent” in terms of value for money, compared to only 37% of men. Interestingly, however, women were more likely than men to question the cost of a college education. Only […]

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